Smart Industry

On the way to the next industrial revolution

Smart Industry is paving the way for the machines of the future! Factories are becoming more autonomous, personnel more productive, and machines smarter. The production process is becoming more efficient, and together we are developing the skills needed so that all of the Netherlands can take a step forward in digitalization.

The challenge

Shortages in the market

The next generation of equipment demands more from our industry while fewer people are available. The Dutch industry must be a frontrunner in adopting digitalization to compensate for the lack of personnel, thus enabling it to continue producing more high-quality components.

The strategy

A fundament for smart factories

Within smart industry, we are ensuring that this vision is realized through new innovations: a foundation so that everyone can engage with digitalization. Applications that automate a larger part of the chain and innovations that increase productivity with higher quality and a richer product range are key. In regional test centers, the results of these innovations are translated into practice in real production setups so that factories can truly become autonomous. In this way, we are working across all domains to build a digital future.

Our projects

Here are the projects currently active within the Smart Industry domain:

  • Autonomous factory: Digital basis

  • Factory networks: Digital basis

  • Tamper-proof equipment

  • Smart Maintenance

  • Chain development

  • Smart Maker Academy

  • Testbed North (Autonomous factory)

  • Testbed South (Smart factory)

  • Testbed East (Factory 2030)

  • Testbed West (Factory XXS)

Program Manager Smart Industry

Jeroen Broekhuijsen

Jeroen leads the research at TNO on digital factories and digital twins. He is active in the area of standardization from Germany and prefers to work from within companies to guide the research. He seeks to connect various parties to collaboratively tackle problems, where manufacturing companies, solution providers, and knowledge institutions each play a crucial role.

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