About NXTGEN Hightech

Together, we're building the next generation high tech equipment for our future generations

Our goal is to make the Netherlands the number 1 high tech equipment provider

NXTGEN Hightech officially launched in May 2023. The goal of the program is to bring the Netherlands back to the top and contribute to solutions for major societal challenges. To achieve this, the NXTGEN Hightech program will invest approximately €1 billion euros by 2030 and will boost the Dutch economy with 330 partners. The National Growth Fund supports this program with €450 million euros.

Our focus areas

Over the next 7 years, intensive work will be conducted in six core domains (agrifood, biomedical production technology, energy, composites, laser satellite communication, and semiconductors) to develop smart solutions. Across these domains, system technologies, systems engineering, and smart industry play a crucial role.