Laser Satellite Communication

Faster and more secure connections for everyone

Everything is connected these days, from your car to your phone, and from social media to your smart house. This has led to a rapidly growing demand for data, which is pushing current technologies to their technical and economic limits. The solution? Laser satellite communication.

The challenge

The increasing need for information

In our digital economy, the need for information and thus the demand for digital security is growing exponentially. Satellite communication via radio signals is expected to hit technical and economic limits over the course of this decade. The available radio frequencies will eventually be insufficient to provide the required capacity, and the costs of infrastructure are rapidly increasing.

The strategy

Expanding our current knowledge

We are connecting the strong positions in the key technologies involved and the ecosystems surrounding high-tech equipment and aerospace instrumentation. In doing so, we are building a Dutch ecosystem for wireless laser communication products and services and securing strong positions in international value chains.

Our projects

These are the projects currently active within the Laser Satcom domain:

  • Satellite-Satellite

  • Satellite-Ground QKD

  • Deep space

  • Smallsat-Ground Direct to Earth

  • Ground-Satellite Feeder link

  • Airpline/Ship- Satellite

  • Innovation Centre

  • Technology development

Program Manager Laser Satcom

Erik Fritz

Erik has a background in mechatronics and has been working at TNO for 15 years. In recent years, he has been involved there as the program manager for Laser Satellite Communication.

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