Systems Engineering

A new standard in Systems Engineering

Developing new technology, equipment, or techniques can be very complex. Often, specialists from a variety of disciplines work together on an innovation. However, to ensure that a product truly becomes successful, more is needed than just technical knowledge. This requires someone who sees the whole picture, from technology to market: a Systems Engineer.

The challenge

The shortage of engineers

Over the years, the Netherlands has established a leading position in the high-tech equipment industry, largely due to its extensive expertise in Systems Engineering. However, our leadership is at risk due to a growing shortage of systems engineers. This issue stems from two main causes. First, the development of increasingly complex high-tech products demands more qualified engineers. At the same time, the fragmented and varied approaches to Systems Engineering competencies, in both industry and education, are limiting the availability of skilled professionals.

The strategy

One approach

We are launching an ambitious program based on the proven methodology of DASE (Dutch Approach to Systems Engineering). With this, we aim to reverse the current situation and effectively address the shortage issue. We are doing this by clearly defining the Dutch Approach to Systems Engineering and developing a generic Systems Engineering educational approach for the high-tech equipment industry that captures international interest. The goal is to increase the number of systems engineers and to stimulate new systems engineering talent.

Our projects

Systems Engineering is divided in five work packages:

  • Work Package 1: involves the design of the SE Framework.

  • Work Package 2: pertains to the design of the continuous development line for Systems Engineering for Dutch higher education, including professional education providers.

  • Work Package 3: is focused on creating the substantive modules that are necessary for the intended continuous development line.

  • Work Package 4: this includes the preparatory activities needed to fully integrate the DASE philosophy within a specific college and university.

  • Work Package 5: in this package, we further disseminate the developed Dutch Approach to Systems Engineering to other domains as well as more broadly in society.

Our project partners

Program Manager Systems Engineering

Twan de Wit

Twan is a program manager at Brainport Development N.V. He has a background in innovation management and extensive experience in project and program management.

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