Building the next generation chips

Semiconductors, or chips, are crucial for nearly all new electronics. You can find them in cars, phones, computers, and even coffee makers. The challenge is to make chips smaller, more powerful, and more efficient. This requires very complex systems and machinery, and that is exactly what we specialize in.

The challenge

Quicker, safer and more sustainable

The demand for better semiconductors is increasing. This new generation of chips needs to be not only faster but also safer and more sustainable. We are considering options like photonic chips, as well as the integration of chips into heterogeneous systems. Before we can begin manufacturing, testing, and integrating these chips and systems, we must first be able to produce and test the chips themselves. These are the biggest challenges.

The strategy

Expanding our existing knowledge

In the Netherlands, we are already highly proficient in building chip machinery. With NXTGEN Hightech, we are looking ahead: we are working on the next generation of semiconductor equipment. This will enable us to produce even more complex, efficient, and faster types of chips. We will also be able to test these chips more efficiently to reduce waste.

Once we have achieved this, we will take it a step further: we will integrate these various chips into advanced systems, known as packages. These "heterogeneous systems" are true game changers.

Our project

Here are the projects currently active within the Semicon domain:

  • Process optimization for high TRL & high MRL PLD

  • Next Generation High Tech System architectures

  • NXTGEN chip assembly equipment

  • (nano) Metrology systems

  • Deposition and printing for heterogeneous assembly

  • Odin

  • Metrology Equipment for critically scaling of PIC production

  • Production Equipment for high volume PIC production

  • Ecosystem project

Program Manager Semicon

Ivan Stojanovic

Ivan has extensive experience in biophysics, semiconductors, photonics, and project development. In addition to being the domain leader for semiconductors at NXTGEN Hightech, he also works at development agency Oost NL as a business developer for Photonics, Semiconductors, and Heterogeneous Systems.

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