The road to a sustainable energy system

Energy is the driving force behind all our daily activities: it powers our growth and innovation. However, our current reliance on (fossil) fuels has led to environmental issues such as climate change and air pollution. Investing in sustainable energy is no longer an option but a necessity.

The challenge

The tranisition to sustainable

The transition to a sustainable energy system requires not only sustainable energy production but also the use of additional energy storage and conversion. Energy storage is necessary because sustainable alternatives for energy generation can depend on the weather. Innovation in the conversion of (electrical) energy is essential for greening the chemical industry. Cost-effectiveness and the reduction in the use of (critical) materials are crucial in this process. Innovations in the necessary materials and components, but especially in the production methods of energy storage systems, lead to an acceleration in scaling up a sustainable energy production chain.

The strategy

Expanding on our current knowledge

Our domain focuses on strategic areas where the Netherlands already excels. With our deep expertise in thin films, system integration, and plasma technology, we are targeting emerging market areas such as batteries, electrolysis, fuel cells, and plasma conversion. Mass production of components like batteries and electrolyzers helps to lower costs and reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Our projects

Here are the projects currently active within the Energy domain:

  • 3D Battery Pilot Line Production

  • Next-gen Equipment for Batteries and Battery-materials

  • Plasma Conversion of Methane

  • Alkalina

  • Third Generation Electrolyzers

  • Massproduction of Zero Emission Fuels micro-plants for afordable solar fuel

Program Manager Energy

André Schilt

André has a background in innovation sciences and has spent a considerable amount of time working in the high-tech sector. Since 2022, he has been actively involved in fostering and accelerating innovation within the energy sector.

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