Automating composites production

Composite materials have great potential for the aviation and automotive industries. For instance, sustainable flying is partly facilitated by lighter aircraft, and the use of composites is essential for this. Therefore, it's high time to make composites more accessible.

The challenge

An optimal production process

The combination of lightweight, strength, stiffness, ease of maintenance, and corrosion resistance is extraordinary, but the current production process is challenging due to high labor intensity, complexity, and production costs.

The strategy

Scalable automation

With the NXTGEN Hightech program, we are working on innovative automation solutions to improve the production of composite products. This reduces production costs and, at the same time, increases production flexibility. The solutions developed include not only production but also inspection and repair. By streamlining the production process and minimizing engineering and preparation work, composite products become more affordable.

Our projects

These are the projects currently active within the Composites domain:

  • Digital composite automation for sustainable aviation

  • Digital micro-factory for lightweight e-mobility

  • Efficient and proven 'Zero-Defect' production

Program Manager Composites

Bouke Veldman

Bouke is an econometrician who has spent the past 30 years as an entrepreneur, conducting research in the aviation sector and overseeing numerous innovation projects. For the past 15 years, he has also been involved in composite technology. He served as the director of the industry association CompositesNL from 2016 to 2020.

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