Within the Composites domain, we are working on innovative production technology (hardware and software) for high-quality applications in aviation and mobility. The domain includes three projects (two applications and one in-depth study):

Composites 01: Digital composite automation for sustainable aviation

Composites 02: Digital micro-factory for lightweight e-mobility

Composites 03: Efficient and proven 'Zero-Defect' production

Overview of our projects

Composites 01

Digital composite automation for sustainable aviation

Composites01 aims to make the aviation industry more sustainable by developing a digital production platform for flexible composite production, which is essential for lightweight aircraft components. Despite the high level of existing composite technology, production is still largely manual due to complexity and variation in materials. This project will contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, waste reduction, and efficiency in production processes through automation and digitization, including the integration of adaptive machines and robot-based systems. This platform will not only improve the affordability and flexibility of composite production but will also drastically shorten the time-to-market for new product series and reduce environmental impact.

This project focuses on developing a digital production platform for the flexible production and recycling of lightweight thermoplastic composites, aimed at e-mobility and automotive applications. It seeks a radical reduction in costs and faster time-to-market through automated, adaptive production systems that can respond to rapid market changes and smaller batch sizes. The emphasis is on improving sustainability by increasing the use of recyclable materials and reducing production waste. This includes the development of adaptive machines, digital production lines, and recycling technologies, supported by three pilot production lines that encompass both the production and recycling of thermoplastic composites.

Composites 02

Digital micro-factory for lightweight e-mobility

Composites 03

Efficient and proven 'Zero-Defect' production

Within the Composites03 project, we aim to optimize production processes in the mobility sector. We do this by developing autonomous robot technology that accurately aligns the actual physical world with the virtual design world. It focuses on automating complex composite production for aviation and wind turbines, such as 3D printing, drilling, welding, and coating of parts, with a strong focus on quality control and inspection. By integrating advanced sensors and digital models, robots are enabled to operate independently and make real-time adjustments, leading to more efficient production processes and a significant reduction in manual labor.

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