About NXTGEN Hightech

Vision and approach

Next-gen High tech equipment

The Netherlands is an international leader in the field of ultra-precise high-tech equipment. However, the continuity of this position is threatened by political interests and growing competition from other parts of the world. Additionally, investments in R&D are significantly lower than in other knowledge-based countries, which costs growth. The goal of the program is to ensure sustainable economic earning potential for the next generations and to contribute to solutions for major societal challenges. To achieve this, the NXTGEN Hightech program will invest approximately €1 billion euros by 2030 and will boost the Dutch economy with 330 partners. The National Growth Fund supports this program with €450 million euros.

Six focus areas that will strengthen the Netherlands

Over the next seven years, intensive work will be done in six areas to develop smart solutions:

  • Agrifood: the introduction of fast and precise robots in agriculture and horticulture.

  • Biomedical Production Technology: production technology for new chips that mimic organs and accelerate the search for new drugs without animal testing.

  • Composites: compact, flexible, and robotic production lines for lightweight composite structures.

  • Energy: clean hydrogen by producing efficient electrolyzers with thin film technology.

  • Laser Satellite Communication: the transition from radio to light. Communication via laser beams, secure and with much greater capacity.

  • Semiconductors: the move towards even faster and more energy-efficient chips that also partly switch with light.

As a foundation, these relevant system and key technologies play a crucial role: systems engineering, smart industry, optomechatronics, robotics, thin film & plasma, semiconductor devices, and bionano

Our strategy

The program breathes new life into the way we collaborate by combining the forces of different scientific disciplines and sectors. With a focus on six key points, it offers an exciting path forward:

  • Joint vision development;

  • Building powerful knowledge centers;

  • Attracting new investment capital;

  • Attracting and retaining talent and offering top education;

  • Strengthening ties within our ecosystem;

  • Further enhancing the international presence of the Dutch high-tech industry.