Handsfree Agrifood

The Netherlands has been a world leader in the agrifood sector for many years. We have a vast amount of knowledge, a strong collaborative mindset, and a focus on sustainability. The market is still growing significantly, but it faces considerable challenges. To stay at the top, we must continue to innovate.

The challenge

The transition to handsfree

In addition to an increasing number of mouths to feed, the sector faces labor shortages, low margins, and market fragmentation. With smart innovations, it's also possible to assess the quality immediately during harvesting. This allows us not only to harvest crops faster with fewer people but also to identify and intercept diseases and pests early on.

The strategy

Collaboration is key

We zijn hard aan het werk om de sector handsfree te maken door samen te werken met experts binnen deelgebieden zoals automatisering, robotisering en digitalisering. Zo zorgen we er bijvoorbeeld voor dat autonome landbouwmachines veilig en betrouwbaar kunnen werken door veiligheidssystemen, simulatieomgevingen op bedrijfsniveau en remote assistance verder te ontwikkelen. Daarnaast werken we aan slimme, vraaggestuurde productielijnen waarbij grondstoffen optimaal worden gebruikt en voedselverspilling zoveel mogelijk wordt tegengegaan.

Our projects

Within the Agrifood domain, we have subdivided the projects into innovation packages. Additionally, we are focusing on establishing a dynamic ecosystem.

Innovation Package 1: Handsfree Open Cultivation, Livestock Farming, and Orchards
  • Full autonomy enabling systems

  • Plasma4Agrifood

  • E-tractor

  • Pixelfarming Robotics

  • Apple picking robot

  • Handsfree autonomous harvesting of field-grown vegetables

  • Handsfree Orchards

  • Hollandse Data line

  • Towered Imaging Sensors

Innovation Package 2: Handsfree Greenhouse Horticulture
  • Collective data

  • Digital Twin

  • Harvesting robot

  • After Harvest

Innovation Package 3: Food processing
  • Dark Fruit Factory

  • Ready to go (m)eat

  • Ready Made Meals

  • Local Tea Production

Program Manager Agrifood

Suzanne Verboon

Suzanne has extensive experience with innovative projects and programs, both nationally and internationally. As the Program Manager for Agriculture, Water, and Food at FME, she leverages her passion for these sectors to accelerate solutions

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