May 8, 2024 2 minutes reading time

Composites03: first showcase during SAM XL event

The NXTGEN Hightech Composites 03 project will present its first 'Zero Defect' showcase on May 28 during the SAM XL event in Delft. Between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM, various robotic demonstrations from consortium members will be shown, featuring the latest advancements. The showcase is free and open to the public, but registration is required.

This project offers significant opportunities for growing our Dutch robotic eco-system and be impactful to society. The consortium is determined to tackle novel challenges. The goal is to improve manufacturing robots, processes for composite manufacturing, this extends beyond automation.

The project has identified specific use cases to test the technology. In these use cases, where closed-loop process control occurs, the robot independently determines via sensors whether the correct steps are being executed in the right place. This is compared in real-time with its digital counterpart, with the robot correcting itself if necessary. Accelerating technological progress requires this autonomous approach.

Composites03 is structured into different work packages, focusing on robotics area of adding material and remove of material, robotic inspection, and software programming. These work packages are distributed among various partners, from large to small and from industrial to academic institutions. The consortium members are, TU Delft, SAMXL robotic fieldlab, QLayers, CEAD, TNO, GKN, KLM, KvE, GTM and Suzlon.